Hyndburn Council has unanimously backed a call to rescue Oswaldtwistle's Civic Arts Centre and Theatre.

The authority took back control of the building in Union Road shut its doors suddenly in July.

The closure was sparked by Hyndburn Arts Limited, the charity that had been managing the theatre for the last 13 years, going into liquidation.

On Thursday night, Hyndburn Council's full meeting passed a motion saying: "This council recognises what a vital asset the Civic Theatre is to the borough and requests that the cabinet fully explores the options which will lead to the reopening of the premises."

Proposing the motion, acting council leader Cllr Peter Britcliffe, who represents St Andrews ward in Oswaldtwistle, said: "Earlier today the borough welcomed back a number of our former residents who have made outstanding contributions nationally and internationally to the worlds of culture and the arts.

"Each of those people has a story - a story about how they started out in their respective fields and went on to achieve great things.

"Very often that story starts somewhere like the Ossy Civic theatre - where they are inspired by a show, or where they get to take part in a musical or dramatic workshop.

"That’s why I’m a big supporter of the Oswaldtwistle theatre and while it’s so important to me that we make a very clear commitment to bringing it back into use as soon as is humanly possible.

"I can tell you from personal experience that my family and I have supported many events at the Civic and enjoyed many a magical evening watching the wonderful shows that have been put on at there.

"So, for me, this is personal.

"And that’s why I’m asking each and everyone of you to get behind me on this and make a clear and unequivocal statement so that the public know that this isn’t going to be turned into a political football and that all parties on this council will be committed to doing whatever it takes to bring the theatre back to life and to have it once again operating as the beating heart of our community."

Labour deputy leader Cllr Noordad Aziz said: "We fully support the reopening of the Civic but they should have brought a full report on it to council not just a two line motion. It is not good enough."

Cllr Britcliffe said: "I am delighted the motion was unanimously supported and every councillor is now committed to reopening the Civic."