A man from Wilpshire has been left out of pocket after his car hit a huge pothole in Langho.

Samuel Girven is now urging the council to take action on the pothole issues across the county to avoid other drivers suffering a similar fate due to poorly-maintained roads.

The 27-year-old was left with a punctured tyre, buckled wheel and suspected suspension damage to his vehicle after he hit a pothole at the entrance of the Langho roundabout, near the Northcote Hotel and Restaurant.

Samuel measured the pothole and found that it was 60 centimetres long, 40 centimetres wide and almost six centimetres deep. 

So far it has cost him £150 to get a new tyre and have a wheel repaired, and facing an additional £500 bill if the pothole has caused further damage to his car’s suspension.

He said he will be putting a claim into the council for the cost of the repairs, and that the incident has made him anxious to get back onto the roads.

He said: “It has most definitely made me feel more anxious on the roads.

"I’m constantly on the lookout for potholes, which is a distraction in itself.

Lancashire Telegraph: Samuel Girven's tyre after hitting a pothole in LanghoSamuel Girven's tyre after hitting a pothole in Langho (Image: Samuel Girven)

“I now avoid the areas that I know have terrible roads and potholes to give myself the best chance of not hitting one again."

The damage to his car has also impacted his work life.

He said: “I’m lucky that I have a flexible employer that allows me to work from home in such circumstances.

“If this wasn’t the case, I’m honestly not sure what I would have done. Commuting on public transport wouldn’t be possible, as the commute takes more than an hour.

Lancashire Telegraph: Samuel Girven's tyre after hitting a pothole in LanghoSamuel Girven's tyre after hitting a pothole in Langho (Image: Samuel Girven)“I’d most likely have to take annual leave or take the week unpaid, which would have had large financial implications on top of the repair work.

"For some, their car can be a real lifeline, as soon as it is off the road it can cause a huge impact.”

Samuel is now calling for Lancashire County Council to take some more accountability for the roads around the county.

He said: “I would like the council to take some accountability and consider the impact and risk of the roads around Lancashire.

“[I believe some] roads are honestly a danger to life. I was lucky that I was in a car – what if I were on a motorbike or a bicycle when I hit the pothole?

Lancashire Telegraph: Samuel Girven's car after hitting a pothole in LanghoSamuel Girven's car after hitting a pothole in Langho (Image: Samuel Girven)"It should be a priority to ensure all users of the road are safe, pedestrians too.

“I would also like the council to repair the roads properly, not just fill them in, actually repair the surface like how they should be.

"It’s no surprise that the same potholes resurface months after being filled.

“I understand that we have more vehicles on our roads than ever before, and I know the area has seen significant growth in population and so things take time. However, the issue keeps arising.”

Just last week, the council was accused of failing to take seriously the need to tackle potholes in its roads.

The allegation was made by Great Harwood, Rishton, Clayton le Moors and Altham Councillor Noordad Aziz.

Labour's Cllr Aziz also accused the county Tory leadership of ignoring an August Local Government Association report, calling for a 10-year road repair programme paid for by transferring five pence in the pound of fuel duty to councils.

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said: "We regularly inspect our roads to identify any issues and ensure as far as possible they are resolved promptly before becoming a risk.

"We carry out monthly inspections on the A59, and repair any potholes 40mm (four cm) deep or more.

"Potholes can also appear between our inspections, particularly during mid-winter as they are caused by wet and cold weather, and we ask the public to help by reporting any issues via our website, the Love Clean Streets app, or via our customer service centre.

"We had not received a report of potholes in this location but have now carried out an inspection in response to the matter being brought to our attention, and are planning to make repairs in the coming days once traffic management, which will be needed for safe access, can be arranged.

"If someone's car has been damaged they can contact us to request a claim form."