UK Leisure Parks’ beautiful family-run parks offer retired and semi-retired clients a choice of desirable settings across Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cheshire.

Life on a UK leisure park rewards retired and semi-retired people with an often-longed-for sense of well-being, relaxation, and security. Better still, the move to a modern park home provides a modern, low-cost, almost maintenance-free home, in a secure community of like-minded people.

Living on a residential park could enhance your mental well-being. The calm, quiet environment of one of the UK Leisure Park locations could help to reduce stress and anxiety, while the connection with nature can boost your mood and improve your overall mental health. Life on one of the parks often means being part of a close-knit community.

High-specification caravans and lodges

Lancashire Telegraph: UK Leisure Parks takes pride in maintaining its beautiful parks UK Leisure Parks takes pride in maintaining its beautiful parks (Image: UK Leisure Parks)

The parks offer a range of modern, fully furnished homes that are both comfortable and stylish. The homes include fully fitted kitchens, fully fitted bedrooms, a choice of open-plan living spaces and en-suite bathrooms. 

Each park usually has a range of luxury, high-specification caravans and lodges to view. In addition to the outstanding range of new models, and with affordability in mind, a great selection of pre-loved models is normally on offer.

Most of the parks are open all year round. The 52-week licenses on all the parks mean you can enjoy your holiday home all year long!

Family run parks

Lancashire Telegraph: Most of the parks are open all year round UK Leisure ParksMost of the parks are open all year round UK Leisure Parks (Image: UK Leisure Parks)

Two generations of the McCarthy family take a responsible and caring approach to their parks and incorporate stunning landscaping features in the parks. The in-house gardeners and maintenance teams make sure the parks are always immaculate.

High standards are important to UK Leisure Parks and the parks are maintained, gardened, and landscaped to the highest standards. The staff’s warm hospitality contributes to the welcoming and pleasant atmosphere which is a hallmark of its gated communities.

A more active lifestyle

The parks can encourage a more active lifestyle. With amenities like golf courses and walking trails close by, residents have plenty of opportunities to stay active! 

Pet-friendly parks

Pets offer companionship and unconditional love, which can significantly improve psychological health. Many of the parks are pet-friendly, allowing residents to experience the joy and benefits of pet ownership.

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