A BBC show which features a team of skilled craftspeople restoring items their owners fear may be beyond saving is looking for people from Lancashire to feature on the show for this year’s Christmas special.

The Repair Shop is asking viewers to be on the lookout for any cherished items that may have been hidden away or forgotten about that they can use for the 2024 festive episode.

Although we’ve just had Christmas and this year’s festivities are a way off, the barn’s resident horologist Steve Fletcher and leather expert Suzie Fletcher think this may be the time of year to prompt conversations with family about other items for the special.

Lancashire Telegraph: The team at The Repair Shop are looking for people from Lancashire to have their items brought back to lifeThe team at The Repair Shop are looking for people from Lancashire to have their items brought back to life (Image: Ricochet)

Suzie said: “It comes around very quickly, so we need all of your wonderful items. I’m sure during Christmas you’ve been exchanging lots of stories as your family is together, maybe it’s jogged a few memories!

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“Please put your items forward, we’d love to see what you’ve got.”

Steve said: “We’re looking for all sorts of things – it could be a toy, it could be a book, it could be anything at all that is just associated with Christmas and has an amazing story or amazing memory.

Lancashire Telegraph: Items will appear on the 2024 Christmas specialItems will appear on the 2024 Christmas special (Image: submitted)

“If you’ve got anything like that you think would make a really good item on the show, please apply.”

The Repair Shop presenter Jay Blades added: “We’re always performing magic at the Repair Shop barn, but there is something that’s always a bit more special at Christmas – and we would love to hear from people with objects of historical or social interest in need of repair with a festive feel to them.

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“We are looking for items that make us remember Christmases of yester-year. It can be absolutely anything, the items don’t have to be antique, but it must mean something to you and have a sentimental value which a repair could make a difference.

“The team here are incredible, and we have experts in pretty much every craft, so hopefully we have the solution for any fix.”

The most recent Christmas special was watched by 3.9 million viewers. The award-winning series continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday, January 10 at 8pm.

Filming for the episode will be taking place early this year.

If you are interested in applying, email applications@ricochet.co.uk or visit the BBC website.