A thief stole a car from Haslingden and then went on the run from police.

On Monday (December 18), officers were called after a Ford Fiesta was stolen, after keys were taken from the house.

Police later found the Fiesta parked up, undamaged. It has now been returned to its owner.

Officers then spent the rest of Monday night on foot, looking for the car thief and eventually tracked him down to an address.

He tried to evade police and ran to the attic then punched a hole through the slate roof.

The man was arrested for burglary, criminal damage and recall to prison.

A police spokesperson said: “Monday we were made aware of a house burglary in Haslingden during which a Ford Fiesta was stolen after the keys were obtained from the house.

"Officers had an idea who they thought could be responsible so hunted in the suspect’s usual haunts - locating the Fiesta undamaged parked up.

"This has now been recovered with a very happy owner.

“Officers spent the rest of Monday night on foot in Haslingden looking for the above chap and eventually tracked him down to an address.

"He tried his best to make his escape by running to the attic, then punching through the slate roof to try and escape through the actual roof!

"The property was quickly contained, and the male arrested for burglary, criminal damage and recall to prison.”

Tuesday was also a busy day for officers. After a vehicle search police found drugs and a small amount of cannabis.

Later in the night officers saw a white BMW 640 with no lights on and music blaring on Booth Road.

Officers suspected a drink/drug driver but upon attempting to stop the car, it failed to stop and was eventually lost following a short pursuit. Enquiries are ongoing to trace the driver.

Police also gave tickets to cars parked on double yellow and zig zag lines. A driver was reported and vehicle seized for a motorist who did not have a valid insurance policy.

On Thursday night, officers spotted a Volkswagen Golf travelling through Haslingden into the early hours of the morning. It attempted to evade police and the drive was found to be over the legal alcohol limit.

A police spokesperson said: “It initially attempted to evade us by ducking and diving around small side streets. However, once the vehicle was stopped it was clear to see why they weren’t keen on hanging around.

“The driver who admitted he had been drinking alcohol was breathalyzed at the roadside."

The driver provided a reading of 67 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath, almost double the legal limit of 35mcg per 100ml of breath.