A woman whose Blackburn house was damaged when an explosion ripped through her next door neighbour's property has spoken of her family's shock. 

Femida Patel was not in the London Road house at the time of the incident but says her parents and brother were at around 7.30pm on Sunday, December 17. 

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Femida’s family were able to escape the wreckage and have been helped in the aftermath by the community rallying around them.

Femida said: "My dad owns that property, which is damaged quite a lot.

"My room has fallen off and come to the ground. My car, you can see, is fully a write-off. 

Lancashire Telegraph: Femida Patel (centre), Uwais Patel (left) and Cllr Hussain Akhtar (right)Femida Patel (centre), Uwais Patel (left) and Cllr Hussain Akhtar (right) (Image: NQ)

"We’re just all in shock. We’ve got no clothes, nothing on us. We’ve got nowhere to stay. We don’t know what to do. 

"My mum and dad were just sat and then they heard a big bang. They thought it was like an earthquake or something. They couldn’t get out of their front door.

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"They tried to get out the back but the alleyway gate was locked so they had to go back in and get the key for that. Then they just ran."

Dramatic aerial photographs taken today show how the roof has caved in on the house.

Windows on the crumbling house have been blown out and debris from the blast is strewn across the street.

Cars parked outside have been covered in bricks and mortar following the blast, which also ripped bricks and roof tiles off the neighbouring house.

Of her parents, Femida said: "They’re just in deep shock and not well at all.

"They’re really unwell and shocked. My mum has got all sorts of illnesses so she’s not coping very well. 

"They don’t know what to do. I’m absolutely shocked, I’ve got nothing on me. I’m just stood here trying to speak to everyone to see what to do next. 

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"I wasn’t in the property but my mum and dad were and my brother was as well. My room is at the top so I wouldn’t be here. 

"They’re still investigating so we don’t really know what’s going on yet. 

"We need housing. We’ve got nowhere to stay at the minute. All the community is pretty close. Everyone is helping and doing their bit."

Lancashire Telegraph: A house explosion in BlackburnA house explosion in Blackburn (Image: NQ)

Neighbours said they had seen two workmen - believed to be plumbers - at the property on Sunday night before the blast devastated the terraced house.

The tenants of the house, a family that rent the property, are believed to have gone away while repair work was being carried out, the neighbour said.

Residents in the London Road area have been rallying around to support those affected, inviting them into their homes and offering warm drinks to people at the scene.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "It's devastating, especially for the families because they've got no home now, they've got to look for a rented house. 

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"I was sat in the room doing my evening prayers and suddenly there was a big bang. I thought it was an earthquake at first because it was so loud.

"The emergency services have been at it all night. It's not easy for them, they've got families as well. They're wonderful. It was a very quick response. I'm so grateful for them."

Cllr Hussain Akhtar (Shear Brow and Corporation Park) said: "I'm sad for the family who have lost their house.

"Thank you to everyone, police, fire brigade, the council, when they heard they came right away."

A spokesperson for Cadent gas company said they “do not believe the explosion was caused by the gas network which Cadent manages”.

An ambulance service spokesperson said: "Following reports of an explosion, a response vehicle, an advanced paramedic, two ambulances, our hazardous area response team and two operational commanders went to the scene.

"One patient was taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries."