A township fly tipping hotspot has been cleared and fenced off with help from local residents.

The mounds of rubbish in Steiners Lane in Church have been removed by the landowner and local volunteers and the site secured after an intervention by Hyndburn Council.

After receiving several complaints of fly tipping, local Conservative councillors Loraine Cox and Sajid Mahmood took action.

They contacted Hyndburn Council’s environmental services team who served notice on the owner of the private land to clear and remove the waste and to secure the site against further incursions.

The officials continued to work with the landowner to ensure the land was secure moving forward as it has been continuously blighted by fly-tipping.

Residents of the Church Kirk neighbourhood also volunteered to help with the operation to clear the site

Hyndburn Council secured additional investment and powers deal with fly-tipping earlier this year including a £50,000 government grant for preventative measures and increased fines for fly tipping perpetrators.

Cllr Mahmood and Cox said in a statement: “Residents around Steiners Lane were rightly concerned and disgusted about the persistent fly-tipping by people who have no respect for our community.

“As local councillors for the area, we decided to take action and work with the council to make sure this practice stops.

“We are grateful to the council for serving notice on the land owners, and to Church Kirk residents for helping clear the site, it is fantastic for our community that the land is now sealed off and clear.”