A celebrated hotelier, restaurateur, wine enthusiast and hospitality industry figurehead has marked an astonishing 40 years of service, leading one of the UK’s most revered fine dining destinations. 

Craig Bancroft, who is affectionately known as ‘Mr B’, has been the transformative force and the beating heart of Northcote, a boutique hotel and Michelin starred restaurant situated in Langho, in the Ribble Valley.

He began his journey with Northcote in 1983 and as the managing director, he has passionately moulded Northcote into the esteemed establishment it is today. 

Sharing his thoughts on the milestone, Craig said: “Forty years! I have been reflecting this week on so many wonderful team members, colleagues, family suppliers and friends who have passed through the Northcote gates, ones who have moved on to outstanding careers in hospitality and many other paths.

"All the wonderful supporters and amazing guests, many now regarded as friends. It’s been one hell of a journey; I should have written a book!  

“Thank you to all who have played a part, large or small, you have all made a difference in my life and at Northcote.

"Thank you to all the 40-year-old Northcote team and guests from all over the globe.” 

Described by his colleagues as ‘brimming with passion, dedication, and with an unwavering commitment to excellence’ Craig has been recognised with a host of industry awards and accolades over the years.

This includes The Caterer’s Hotelier of The Year in 2016 and the coveted Outstanding Achievement Award at The Cateys in 2022 for his commitment and dedication to the industry.

He is a Master Innholder, along with recognition in the wine world for his enthusiasm - Commander of the Order of the Golden Sabre and member of the Confraria do Vinho do Porto and Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne.

Lancashire Telegraph: Speaking of the influence he has had on her own career, Northcote’s executive chef Lisa-Goodwin Allen said: “Craig has been an incredible influence in my life and career, his support has always been invaluable.

"Above all he’s just such kind thoughtful man and the best fun, we’ve got some great stories and memories.

"We are all so proud to work with him at Northcote.” 

Mr B is celebrated by the Northcote team with two festive milestone celebration dinners and with the release of a number of images and menus from throughout his years at the property, which illustrate the transformation it has seen under his guidance.