A little donkey is now safe and secure in time for Christmas after his owners were struggling to care for him.

The Horses and Ponies Protection Association (HAPPA), a registered equine welfare charity has taken the little donkey into its care.

It was quickly established that the owners loved the donkey and wanted the best for him but could no longer care for him due to his challenging behaviours. HAPPA has reassured them that they will always work with the owners to ensure the best outcome for the equine.

Jack Frost the donkey has now settled into his stable at Shores Hey Farm in Briercliffe, and will hopefully be able to move onto the main yard before Christmas.

Head of equine care, Rachael Wallace, said: “Jack Frost, at 14 years old, has a long journey ahead of him, it certainly will not be easy to gain his trust. We are spending time with him daily and taking our time to ensure we can improve his physical health and address any behavioural issues; we all hope he will be on Santa’s nice list!

“The hope is that he will make a full recovery and go on to find a forever home full of love and happiness.”

After receiving initial veterinary treatments, Jack will now need to work up to having a visit from the farrier to tend to his hooves. He will need frequent visits to improve his hooves, which are currently overgrown.

He will also need treatment for a lice infestation and his equine vaccinations. As HAPPA’s only donkey resident and due to his different dietary requirements, bales of straw have been bought especially for him.

Winter is a challenge for the charity with extra animals coming into care all the time so they are asking the public to support their latest resident to help him through Christmas and the New Year.

Rachael added: “He is sure to be given all the attention he needs by the dedicated, expert equine care team, but all this costs and we want the best for his future.”

To contribute to HAPPA Jack Frost’s Care Costs, you can make a donation on the website https://www.happa.org.uk/donate/.