A blind man spat in a taxi driver’s face, kicked and punched him and then urinated in his cab.

Blackburn magistrates heard Anthony Maughan had drunk 14 or 15 pints prior to the incident.

District Judge Alexandra Preston described his behaviour as “disgusting.”

Maughan, 25, of Slaidburn Drive, Accrington, admitted to criminal damage to an iPhone and car seats belonging to Akmal Shahzad and assaulting him. He was given an 18-month community order with a 30-day rehab activity requirement. He was ordered to pay £500 compensation to Mr Shahzad with £85 costs.

District Judge Preston told Maughan: “You had drunk an enormous amount of alcohol and you tried to get in the taxi carrying a drink. The taxi driver didn’t want that and the way you behaved towards him was disgusting when he was just trying to do his job. All your previous convictions relate to alcohol and you are clearly someone with an alcohol problem.”

Susheela Regala, prosecuting, said the incident happened around 12.20am outside Burnley Rugby Club. Maughan was getting a taxi back to Accrington but had a drink in his hand and was told he couldn’t take it in the taxi. The drink was taken off Maughan by a friend and there was then a dispute over paying the fare up front.

“They eventually got to the destination at which point the defendant refused to get out of the vehicle,” said Miss Regala.

“As he was getting him out of the car Maughan spat in the driver’s face and then punched him to the chest. As the struggle continued Maughan punched the driver again and then kicked him to the stomach. Before the driver could stop him he started to urinate into the vehicle.”

Kimberley Morton, defending, said Maughan had lost his sight after being the victim of an assault. 

She added: “On this night he couldn’t see and he was intoxicated. He doesn’t take any issue with the facts because he doesn’t remember what happened.

He was throwing punches and kicked out but he couldn’t see the driver. It was accepted by the prosecution previously that his behaviour had been reckless.”