A man from Waterfoot left a BBC radio presenter in hysterics due to his funny and surprising appearance on a quiz segment, as a pantomime dame.

Chris Watts, who plays pantomime dame ‘Sarah the Cook’ at Bolton Little Theatre’s pantomime production of Dick Whittington, appeared on the BBC Radio Manchester on Thursday morning (December 7).

The 42-year-old took part in the Manchester Mastermind quiz segment.

Presenter, Anna Jameson, was not expecting Chris to appear in full comedic character and was left in hysterics, adding that it is a Mastermind segment she will “never forget”.

On the radio show Chris, now living in Chorley, said: “Are we in character now? Oh yes we absolutely are. Why would I do it any other way? I will absolutely be playing Mastermind in my character.”

Anna said: “I shouldn’t have expected anything less. This has taken [the game] to a whole new level. I feel like you are Daniel Day-Lewis with your method acting here.

“I don’t think you’re going to be able to keep this voice up throughout this."

Recovering from laughter, Anna later said: “I am deceased. You know when everything gets a bit too much for you? It’s been a Mastermind that I will never forget.”

Chris scored five in the general knowledge segment and five in his specialist subject, which was Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

He placed second in the leaderboard, losing his chance to win the coveted purple umbrella prize.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph about his appearance on the show, Chris said he was happy to have made the presenter laugh.

He said: “We were contacted by the BBC to put somebody forward from the pantomime team and I was asked to do it.

“They did not expect me to turn up in my panto persona. When they booked me on they were expecting Chris.

“The presenter was laughing and I thought it was brilliant. It was exactly the reaction I was going for.

“It wasn’t too difficult to remain in character and answer the questions.

“I was worried about not getting any of my specialist subject questions right. I got a few wrong but that’s okay, it is a high pressure situation.

“I made the producer’s day, as I got a text message back from him after the show.”

If you want to see ‘Sarah the cook’ in action you can watch Dick Whittington at Little Bolton Theatre, the first production of which took place on Thursday night.

He said: “We have shows on weekends.

“We are all amateurs with full time day jobs. It is a passion for me.

“People can get tickets to the show on the Bolton Little Theatre website.”

The show’s description said: “The legendary ‘Bolton Little Theatre panto’ returns full of sparkle, excitement and fun for all the family.  

“Our hero’s incredible adventures take him onto the high seas, into battle with the evil King Rat and see him fall head over heels in love with his boss’s daughter, Alice.

“All the while the magical Bow Bells are whispering Dick Whittington`s destiny – to become lord mayor of London!

“Full of fun, singing and lots of action – we promise to have you buzzing from a fantastic, festive night out.”