The death of a Preston man, who died after being taken to hospital with stomach pains and seizures, has been investigated on a Channel 5 show.

26-year-oldc Jack Emmett died this year and his inquest was shown on an episode of Channel 5 show, Cause of Death, which aired on December 6.

The show looks into unexpected deaths and focuses on senior coroner Dr James Adeley and his team and looks into the internal process of how an unexpected death is investigated in Lancashire.

Jack was taken to hospital after complaining of stomach pains and seizures and the official cause of death was not discovered until results of a toxicology report.

His mum, Lisa Kennedy, appeared on the show and described him as “happy and outgoing”.

She said: “Jack was happy, outgoing, bubbly and always up for a laugh. He had a heart of gold and would do anything to make people smile.

“I don’t understand it. It baffled my brain how he can go from being absolutely fine, playing outside with the kids and then a couple of hours later not being here anymore. Just like that.

“Nothing has ever been the same since.

“It is something I would not wish on anyone to witness that, to watch your baby like that, to watch him take his last breaths… it was just awful.”

Speaking after his inquest, Dr Adeley confirmed that Jack’s death was accidental and caused by an overdose of propranolol, a beta blocker that can cause seizures if too much is taken.

According to the show, evidence heard at the inquest found that Jack obtained propranolol from a friend without their knowledge, after suffering problems with his sleep.

Dr Adeley said: “This was a tragic death of a young man because he was experiencing nightmares has taken a large amount of propranolol.

“Jack used somebody else's drugs for a purpose, for which they were intended, but has misjudged the amount he needed.

“Prescribed drugs are prescribed for a reason because they are dangerous if they are not used as they’re prescribed.”

Speaking on the show, Lisa said: “I have lost my son I have lost my life. He’s been taken away for something that should never have happened.

“At least we know what happened now, it doesn’t make it feel any better, but at least we know now.”

You can watch previous episodes of Cause of Death on My5.