Staff at a Blackburn town centre pub have stunned visitors with their amazing Christmas decorations.

The Bar Ibiza on Mincing Lane has been completely transformed by these wondrous decorations adorning the walls and ceiling.

The festive decorations feature 3,000 baubles, and 10,000 lights and took bar owner Clitheroe Kate and staff Shane Birch and Polly Fyfe two nights to complete.

The lights and tinsel creations have been intricately covering every inch of the interior to create the ‘wow factor’.

The are also quickly becoming a 'Blackburn tourist attraction' with people visiting just to video the pub or take a selfie.

Clitheroe Kate is the stage name of Adrian Gardner, who is one of the longest-serving landlords in town and a ‘world-famous drag queen’ who hosts a number of events at the bar.

Clitheroe Kate said: “With all the things that are going on in the world we thought we would bring some much-needed festive cheer to people.

“We have been putting them up for many years and add something new each time.

“It is fantastic to see the reaction of people and we get a lot of people coming in just to take pictures and make videos of the decorations.

“There are plans to do the outside next year. We shall wait and see how it goes.

“We also have decorations going up during the rest of the year such as Valentine's Day and American Independence.”

The interior has been painstakingly brought to life with baubles, bells, glitter, wreaths and Christmas trees to create a spectacular festive feature that runs throughout the small historic pub.

Customers at the bar described the decorations as the ‘best in Blackburn’ and ‘absolutely amazing’.

Lancashire Telegraph: The Bar Ibiza on Mincing Lane has been completely transformed by these wonderous decorations

The bar continues to attract a steady stream of regulars from across the borough and remains one of a handful of pubs in the town centre that have bucked the trend in a testing economic climate for the hospitality industry.

Marie White, who works behind the bar, said: “It is lovely to see the reaction of people who walk in here for the first time. We are so proud of the final result.

“Each year they have got better and better and we are just glad people like them.”

The bar will remain open late throughout the holidays and is also open on Christmas Day.

On Thursday (December 14) afternoon, the pub will host a charity presentation after it raised £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Research and £500 for the Secret Santa appeal. The ‘Bingo Christmas Party’ begins from 3pm on the day.