A Lancashire woman diagnosed with ADHD and multiple health conditions has written a children’s story book to inspire and help others facing similar struggles.

Rachel Magowan, 40, from Fleetwood has had to take time off work as a CBT therapist due to her ADHD, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), Fibromyalgia, and other health conditions impacting her everyday life.

Her husband Lee Magowan, 42, is a retired soldier who has expressed his admiration for Rachel's strength, emphasising that she serves as his inspiration.

Lancashire Telegraph: Rachel and Lee got married in Antigua in October 2001Rachel and Lee got married in Antigua in October 2001 (Image: Lee Magowan)

Lee said: “I met her in Yorkshire when she was 16 and we ran away to Antigua to get married 11 months later and that was the start of our love story.

“She was a military wife for 20 years and is a huge inspiration to me. I’ve seen some very brave people but nothing as brave as my wife overcoming struggles every day.

"She’s the one who kept me alive during the army so I owe everything to Rachel.

“Despite being in permanent pain, Rachel is an amazing woman and inspiration. She is dedicated to our family and wants to continue helping people.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The Colourful Adventures of Lucky the CatThe Colourful Adventures of Lucky the Cat (Image: Lee Magowan)

One of Rachel's significant contributions is a children's book titled ‘The Colourful Adventures of Lucky the Cat’ she wrote around five years ago.

Lee, who suffers with complex PTSD, recently stumbled upon the book while demilitarising their home and published it on Amazon.

The book, inspired by their cat Daisy, introduces children to a series of seven of adventures for each day of the week, designed to increase focus and attention, particularly for those with neurodiversity.

It includes colouring sheets for each page, providing a hands-on activity to accompany the story and promote a sense of achievement.

Rachel said: “When my husband was away at the army, I would try to find ways to get out of my head and relax and I found that in writing.

“When Lee told me he published one on Amazon I just burst out crying, I’m so grateful for him and how much he’s supported me over the years.

“I’ve been on and off work for the past two years, and I’m currently off sick again. My life has revolved around hospital appointments but this has just made me not think about that for the moment.

“If this book does well and reaches people, I want to write more about the experiences I had as a child because girls with ADHD don’t present symptoms in the same way as boys.

"ADHD has been so underdiagnosed in women and I could never understand why I’d always go from job to job and always have to try new things.

“A diagnosis gave me access to medication and thinks fall into place the more you speak about it to people. Having ADHD does come with issues but we also get superpowers.

"We’re able to hyperfocus on something we connect with, we’re creative and very empathetic and we can still thrive despite the challenges.”

You can buy the book on Amazon.