A pair of escaped emus have safely been taken home by police after wandering streets of Rossendale.

At lunch time today (December 4), officers who were in Rossendale targeting drink and drug drivers as part of their Op Virage investigation, received a strange report of two emus roaming the streets.

Members of the public and a farmer helped police return the birds to their rightful owner, before officers carried on with their Operation Virage investigation and arrested a drink-driver.

A spokesperson for the police said: “As well as progressing various other investigations the team have been out earlier on supporting #OpVirage.

“This is to target drink and drug drivers over the winter period. As we know impaired driving through drink or drugs is extremely reckless and poses huge dangers to road users and pedestrians alike. Unfortunately however, people are still doing it.

“We also attended an unusual report around lunch time too of two emus wandering around the streets of Rossendale.

“Thanks to the help of several members of the public and a very accommodating farmer the birds were promptly detained and have now been returned to their rightful owner.

“Thankfully, the Emu knew their limitations and did not attempt to drive!”