Burnley Council will on Wednesday night debate a motion calling for 'an immediate ceasefire to stop the mass killing of civilians in the Israel-Gaza conflict'.

It will be proposed by borough housing boss and Bank Hall ward's Burnley Independent Group Councillor Lubna Khan, and seconded by Green group leader Cllr Scott Cunliffe.

The debate follows Blackburn with Darwen borough's Policy Council last week calling for 'an immediate, unconditional and permanent humanitarian ceasefire and a resumption of all humanitarian aid including food, water, sanitary products and fuel to the population of Gaza'.

A pause in fighting allowed the release of dozens of hostages and prisoners by Israel and Hamas, and humanitarian aid to get into Gaza, last month, before fighting resumed last week.

The latest conflict was sparked by a terrorist attack by Hamas which killed hundreds of civilians in Israel, which responded by bombing and invading Gaza - it said the missiles were targeted at Hamas sites but thousands of innocent Palestinians have been killed in blasts - and it triggered a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave.

The Burnley Council motion says: "The situation in Palestine and Israel is of direct relevance to building community cohesion in Burnley.

"We have been approached by residents with strong links to Palestine and Israel who are deeply concerned.

"It should noted there are a number of residents with strong connections and family in the region who are deeply impacted by the conflict.

"We are appalled by the violent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza that has had severe consequences for civilians in both Israel and Palestine.

"Civilian deaths in Gaza are increasing rapidly due to the relentless Israeli bombardment, retaliating to the horrific attacks by Hamas on October 7 in Israel, which led to 1,400 fatalities and the abduction of civilians.

"Many residents from across Burnley have asked us, their representatives, to speak out and call on the UK government to push for an immediate ceasefire to stop the mass killing of civilians in the Israel-Gaza conflict and for the immediate release of all hostages held since October 7.

"This council believes that an immediate ceasefire and the immediate release of hostages is needed to halt the ongoing violence.

"We direct the council leader and chief Executive to write to the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition."

It also calls for the prompt opening of aid corridors into Gaza, the United Nations and International Criminal Court to appoint independent arbitrators to assess the validity of evidence of war crimes. and the establishment of a recognised and sovereign Palestine alongside a secure and sovereign Israel.

Both Israel and Hamas oppose a ceasefire, while the UK and USA have both called for humanitarian pauses in fighting to release hostages and allow aid in.