A council leader has admitted it is failing to meet its own targets in three areas.

Blackburn with Darwen's Cllr Phil Riley made the confession to the authority's annual Policy Council on Thursday as it discussed its Corporate Plan.

The shortfalls are in development of new employment space, supporting families, and tackling the budget challenge.

All are rated red for danger in the council's own assessments of performance.

Cllr Riley told the meeting: "The reports are indications of how we have done against our corporate plan.

"There are lots of greens, a few ambers and three reds. You can see some detailed explanations.

"It's a mixture of things that are hard to measure, things that actually we're not supposed to be doing or are not doing as well as we would like and also within the growth portfolio there is an advance story of a great deal of factory and office space that is coming on stream but hasn't yet done so."

On the budget's failure to break even the report says: "This is primarily a result of overspends on Children, Young People and Education Services (£4.257 million), Environment and Operations (£777,000) and Growth and Development (£384,000).

"The overspend in Children, Young People and Education Services is primarily due to additional cost of staffing in assessment and safeguarding and commissioned placements.

"The overspend in Environment and Operations is due mainly to a shortfall in income from selective licensing, parking services and taxi licensing. The overspend in growth in mainly due to the cost of highways maintenance.

"If the council continues to overspend at the present rate, this will result in an additional unplanned drawdown in reserves."

On employment space the report says: "The performance in the first half of the year is lower than expected.

"There are several developments under construction but the new floorspace is only counted once the development is fully complete and ready to occupy.

"The majority of the target is likely to be achieved by completion of one or two large projects which are expected in the second half of the year."

On supporting families the report says: "The Supporting Families Programme is a Payment By Results programme which provides funding to the council for each family successfully supported to achieve a meaningful outcome.

"We have been delivering the programme since being chosen as a pilot area in 2010.

"During this period we have supported almost 3,000 families to achieve positive progress.

"Once progress is evident for a family, this must be sustained for six months.

"To become a successful outcome, all school age children in the family must have 90 per cent or above school attendance for the two most recent school terms.

"The government increased targets last year, from 312 families to 505. This increase is proving challenging to achieve.

"Data suggests there are 550 to 600 families open to early help and social care at any one time.

"A target of 505 gives us very little variance to account for any unsuccessful families."