A pensioner said he was told that bins on his street were not collected this morning because the lids were frozen shut.

Lewis Culshaw, 79, who lives in Wilpshire said he thought he was in a Monty Python sketch as he attempted to reason with a council officer.

He said: “I have heard a fair few excuses in my time but frozen lids? That is a new one. 

“I went and checked and just quick knock at the top and the bin opens up no problem.”

Temperatures have dropped below zero this week as the country experiences the first cold snap of the winter.

Mr Culshaw lives on Sunnyside Avenue and called Ribble Valley Council to complain.

“I finally got through to what was I believe the refuse department and they said due to the cold weather the wagons machinery struggle with frozen bin lids.

"We get our garden bins collected on a Thursday and will have to wait another two weeks I guess.

“I have lived here 40 years and we have far worse weather than this and I have never been told the bins can’t be collected due to frozen lids.

“In our conversation he said he would have the check the weather. So, what happens when we have some more cold weather? It’s ludicrous wouldn’t you say?

"I felt like I was in some sort of Monty Python sketch trying to get my point across.

“I think a bit of common sense was all that was required. There has been worse weather than this and the lorries have made it down here."

Lancashire Telegraph: Mr Culshaw shows how easy it was to open the bin and below a close up of the offending bin.

Lancashire Telegraph:

To add insult to injury Mr Culshaw, who gets about with a walking stick had to drag the bins to the back garden.

He added: “I have had walk all the way round to the back garden to put the bins back. At our age it can be a bit of an effort as anyone would know.”

Ribble Valley Council have been contacted for comment.