Residents in Lancashire can access help to help make their homes more energy-efficient amid a fuel poverty crisis.

Cosy Homes, a local authority affordable warmth initiative, revealed that a staggering 14 per cent of the population is living in fuel poverty.

This occurs when 10 per cent or more of an individual's income is devoted to heating their homes.

To combat this issue, a local authority partnership representing 13 Lancashire councils has secured a substantial £41 million funding pot.

They believe that if all eligible residents utilised the government-funded Home Upgrade Grant (HUGS2) then this would reduce Lancashire’s fuel poverty crisis.  

The average grant is expected to be around £18,800 and those eligible applicants could benefit from energy saving measures.

All residents are being urged to check if they are eligible and encouraged to reach out to Cosy Homes in Lancashire if they are unsure. 

A property qualifies if:

  • There is no Gas Central Heating 
  • It has an EPC of D, E, F or G

A household qualifies if:

  • The household income is less than £31,000 or
  • In receipt of a Means Tested Benefit or
  • If the property is in an eligible Post Code area. No finance evidence would be required. 

Judith Mills, consultant in Public Health at Blackpool Council and lead officer for Cosy Homes in Lancashire, emphasises the accessibility of the funds, ready and available to support those in need.

Mills urges households and landlords to initiate the application process promptly, stating: "If you think there's even a chance you could be eligible, we'd urge you to reach out to our friendly team and find out for sure.

"It could be the difference between keeping warm and well this winter, and not."

The government-funded scheme, amounting to £41 million, began on April 1 this year and will continue for two years, concluding on March 31, 2025.

To find out more, see if you are eligible, or to apply for the Home Upgrade Grant, visit