A Christmas tree row has broken out in an East Lancashire borough for the second year running.

This year it is over Hyndburn Council's failure to light up one of Rishton's festive firs when scheduled.

Last year the authority had to replace its equivalent in Accrington Town Square its brown and dying branches led to it being dubbed 'Britain’s Saddest Christmas Tree'.

The Rishton tree was scheduled to be lit up last week during Tuesday's dedication for the newly-restored clock at St Peter and St Paul’s Church.

But the switch on failed to happen, angering the township's Labour councillors Kate Walsh and Bernard Dawson and disappointing a crowd of 300 people.

Lancashire Telegraph: Last year's sad tree in AccringtonLast year's sad tree in Accrington (Image: Newsquest)

Now, the Rishton councillors have been informed Hyndburn Council would not be lighting up the tree next to the Jubilee Clock.

Cllr Dawson said: “I’ve spoken with lots of residents who are confused and disappointed.

"Rishton seems to have been forgotten this Christmas.

"I wrote to the events team to ask why the lights were not switched and they responded that they had decided to plan another switch on in December.

“It would have been nice if they’d have communicated to residents the change of plans."

Cllr Walsh said: “We’ve had this issue with the trees being lit for a number of years and have had to battle the council on it before but now they are claiming there is no budget.

"I grew up on Burton Street and used to love walking home from school to see the tree lit up every December.

"After £70 million has been allocated to Accrington town centre it seems a bit insulting that they won’t fund the lights on the Christmas Tree this year."

A Hyndburn Council spokesperson said: “Initially there were plans to combine a light switch-on with the clock dedication event organised by St Peter and St Pauls Church, however we are pleased to confirm that a separate light switch-on event for Rishton is now planned for December 2.

“Following this confirmation we agreed with Father Eddie, from St Peter and St Paul’s Church, that we would not impose on its event. This was confirmed ahead of the event with the organisers.

"We can confirm that in Rishton there are two trees with Christmas lights on.

"The 'switch-on event' will be taking place at the tree dedicated to the late Susan Shaw, located on the High Street in front of the medical centre.”