A repeat woman-beater who "rained blows" upon his former partner in assaults spanning a month has been sentenced.

The offending started between May 7 and 21 when Keith Culkin, 42, slapped and punched his partner, who had been with for five-and-a-half years at the time.

Between May 28 and 31 the assaults continued when he punched her to the forehead which left her bleeding.

On June 4, Culkin hit her, spat in her hair, and, as Judge Sara Dodd put in, “rained blows to her head,” which left her face down in their living room.

On each of the occasions, Culkin was verbally abusive too.

Sentencing, Judge Dodd said: “This was a course of conduct over about a month of three separate incidents of domestic violence.

"It is aggravated by your previous convictions for violence and in particular those for domestic violence.”

Culkin was subject to a suspended sentence order for an offence of violence at the time.

Judge Dodd continued: “I accept you have made significant steps in custody to address your offending behaviour and upon your release I hope that motivation continues.”

Culkin, of Vine Street, Brierfield, was sentenced to one year and two months in prison in total and given a restraining order for five years.

He will serve approximately five more weeks having spent time on remand.