A woman from Rossendale has “made history” after planning and co-hosting a special episode of Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch.

Chloé Fuller was hired as a permanent ‘pet expert’ on the show in February but decided to open up more about her disability on Monday’s episode (November 28).

The 25-year-old,  who suffers from a genetic connective tissue disease called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, dysautonomia which affects her heart, as well as intestinal dysmotility, helped to organise the episode which focused entirely on disabilities as part of disability history month.

Chloé spoke about organising the episode and also spoke about her own experience as a disabled person and how her support dogs, Ted and Cinna, have improved her life.

Before the episode aired, Chloé said: "18 months ago I first appeared on this show, with little TV experience.

Lancashire Telegraph: Chloé Fuller with her support dogs Cinna and TedChloé Fuller with her support dogs Cinna and Ted (Image: Chloé Fuller)“Over that time they've fostered my growth and 18 months later, they've enough faith to let me plan, pitch and co-host an entire episode. This Monday, November 27, we make history.

“It is a misty-eyed moment for sure.”

Speaking to presenter Steph McGovern, Chloé said: “I have worked on this show for 18 months and I have never spoken about my disability. 

"I think it was important that people saw me as a professional and expert, not a disabled person.

“Now we are coming to an end and one thing we miss in TV is that we often hear from one disabled person, one disabled voice. There are so many different types of disability other than a wheelchair user.

“To be able to hear that on one show and focus on topics that are never really spoken about, I can’t get over how powerful that is. I am absolutely over the moon to be able to be doing it.”

Chloé also talked about going to school as a disabled person and said she had to be homeschooled.

She said: “There was no reason for me to need to go to a different school. I was completely the same I just couldn’t do steps anymore that was it.

“Unfortunately my school didn’t have a provision for that so I had to leave that school. Schools in the area couldn’t provide that step-free access and I wasn’t well enough to travel an hour away to another school

“The only option was to homeschool me but there was no funding in our local education authority for a home tutor, so I didn’t get any education after that point.

“Without education you lose so many opportunities.”

Chloé also talked about the work her support dogs do for her, including putting toys and washing away.

Chloé  said: “My life before them was a little bit miserable. At the age of 13 I suddenly became disabled and had to rely on my mum for everything. My whole world view changed and I couldn’t adapt to that life.

“My dogs turned my life upside down in the best way possible.”

Since appearing on the show, social media users have praised Chloé for her presenting skills and professionalism on camera.

One person said: “Watching Chloé Fuller on Steph's Packed Lunch – she is very charismatic, a natural presenter and wasn't distracted for a second when her assistance were a bit busy in the studio.

“Someone give her a regular job in front of cameras.”

Another said: “Well done Chloé , you were absolutely amazing and totally in control of all your sections.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph Chloé said: "Seeing the overwhelming response has been very touching. The real praise goes to the team who produced a show that highlighted 24 per cent of the population that are often ignored, in a way that didn't sensationalize and instead honored individual lived experience.

"To have played a small role in enabling so many people to be seen and heard has been a very proud moment for me."

You can catch up on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4 On Demand.