The head of a school said “we are all committed to making improvements” after it was graded as requires improvement for the second time running by Ofsted.

John Fisher and Thomas More Roman Catholic High School in Gibfield Road, Colne, was inspected on October 10-11 of this year and the report was published on November 24.

Though the school was rated good in personal development, it received requires improvement in all other areas.

Clare Hayes, headteacher, said: “Our Ofsted report provides a transparent overview of the strengths we celebrate as a school and the areas where we are all committed to making improvements.

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“We are proud of the many positive aspects highlighted in the report, our well-developed and thought-through curriculum and productive learning environment, our high expectations and the enriching opportunities that support our young people in becoming well-rounded individuals.

“We are equally committed to addressing the identified areas for improvement, focussing on the necessary support that all staff need to enable them to apply school policy and procedure consistently, as well as extending our curriculum to ensure all pupils secure their best outcomes regardless of their background or ability with our school motto of ‘let all our bright colours shine.’”

Inspectors noted the majority of pupils were happy to attend the school and said they were looking forward to the completion of the new buildings and facilities.

They added when incidents of bullying are reported, staff address the concerns quickly and effectively, and students have a trusted adult they can talk to in the school if they have any worries.

The report said: “Most pupils behave well. However, some pupils and staff reported that in some lessons, a few pupils disrupt the learning of their peers,

“The school has high expectations of what pupils can and should achieve in their learning. In some subjects, pupils are beginning to achieve well. However, in other subjects, pupils’ achievement is not as strong as it should be.

“In many subjects, the school’s curriculum thinking is well developed. The school has carefully organised the knowledge that it wants pupils to know and remember.

"Added to this, teachers have a secure subject knowledge and they explain concepts to pupils clearly.

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“In some subjects, teachers are skilful in identifying and addressing gaps in pupils’ learning. However, in other subjects, pupil’s misunderstandings sometimes go unnoticed. As a result, in these subjects, pupils do not build knowledge as well as they should.”

Inspectors added that in some subjects teachers do not use assessment strategies well enough to accurately check pupils’ knowledge and some teachers do not adapt the delivery of the curriculum for pupils with SEND effectively.

The school will be inspected again some time before April 2026, or earlier if concerns are raised to Ofsted.