Five men and a woman have been sentenced for their roles in a “widespread, mindless” fight which was sparked outside a pub in Clayton-le-Moors.

Jake Ainsworth, 27, Cai Shaw, 20, Tommy Speight, 29, Levi Ashworth, 22, Ebaney Shaw, 18, and Sam Ashworth, 26, appeared at Burnley Crown Court each charged with one count of violent disorder.

The incident began in the early evening of March 5, 2022, between 5.30pm and 5.45pm outside the Forts Arms pub on Lower Barnes Street.

CCTV played in court showed brothers Levi and Sam Ashworth walking past the pub on the opposite side of the road while Speight, who was attending a baby shower at the pub and was standing outside, begins gesturing towards them.

Speight then walks after the pair and hands his jacket to another unidentified person who was with him.

The next clip shows the road further down on Lower Barnes Street, close to what appears to be a block of flats, and Speight continues to follow the brothers.

Cai Shaw comes out from behind the flats followed by the Ashworth brothers and he retrieves a wooden bat.

The footage continues from a different angle and shows Ebaney Shaw coming out of a house and that is when the violence begins, with Cai Shaw throwing several blows and Levi Ashworth attempting to kick out at Speight.

Ebaney Shaw takes hold of Levi Ashworth and punches him to the back of the head before, a short while later, she runs back into the house and retrieves a pole of some sort and runs back to join the incident, which has moved further down the street again.

Back towards the pub, Ainsworth reappears from the building armed with a barstool which he throws at Cai Shaw, hitting him in the face and torso.

Levi Ashworth then picked up the stool and threw it at an unidentified male, who reacted by picking it up and again throwing it at Cai Shaw.

The stool broke into pieces, with Speight and Ainsworth each wielding a leg and Cai Shaw approaching them with the bat. Speight was struck twice before he struck Shaw directly in the face.

Some members of the group retreat back up the road and into a house while those remaining outside begin to throw whatever objects they can find at the house.

Ainsworth returns with a mobile phone, filming what’s going on. The footage was played in court and showed him shouting ‘scumbags.’

It was suggested by prosecutor Stephen Parker the incident lasted between 15 and 20 minutes.

Three defendants – Ainsworth, Cai Shaw, and Ebany Shaw, were of previous good character. Speight had seven convictions for 11 offences; Levi Ashworth had two previous convictions; and Sam Ashworth had three previous convictions.

Gurdit Singh, mitigating for Ainsworth, said this was clearly an “unpleasant incident” but that his client was “not involved at the outset” and joined in later.

He added that Ainsworth was extremely remorseful and there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

Thomas Worsfold, mitigating for Cai Shaw, said his client’s involvement “can be properly described as disgraceful.”

He said: “He had demonstrated through the pre-sentence report process he should have behaved differently. Impulsivity and immaturity are driving factors of his involvement.”

Mr Worsfold, also representing Levi Ashworth, said his client had accepted responsibility and was disappointed in himself.

He added: “He is genuinely remorseful for getting himself involved in this incident. There have been no problems in the community since, no further offending. He can be managed in the community.”

Wayne Jackson, defending Tommy Speight, said his client had undergone a “complete change of character” since this incident and had turned his life around.

He added: “He might be regarded as one of the frontrunners for starting the incident. For a large part of the incident he is committing an offence of public disorder, but he’s not the one armed with a weapon first of all. He’s ashamed of what he did.”

James Hudson, appearing for Ebaney Shaw, said his client was only 16 at the time of the offence and suffers from ADHD.

When she saw her brother and co-defendant involved in an altercation, she “foolishly took the impulsive decision to arm herself with a weapon”.

Mr Hudson said her role was peripheral even though she does play some part in it, and there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

Anthony Horsfall, mitigating for Sam Ashworth, said the last 20 months had provided ample time for his client to reflect on what he did and suggested he was remorseful.

He said: “He did not start or plan the physical altercation, but he didn’t shy away from it. He was started upon while he was walking away. Whilst he’s shown on the CCTV throwing missiles, it would be my submission, outside of what he threw in the heat of the moment, he does take a secondary role.”

Sentencing, Recorder Nick Flanagan said: “It’s unclear why or how it started and, to be frank, it makes limited difference.

“This can only be described as widespread, mindless violence and it must have been distressing for residents. It was at a busy time of day and this must have caused significant concern for road users.

“However, in all your cases, I am just satisfied there is a reasonable prospect you can be rehabilitated, and you can demonstrate than you can live offending free.”

The sentences were as follows:

  • Jake Ainsworth, of Hood Street, Accrington, was given a 12-month sentence suspended for 12 months with 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours unpaid work
  • Cai Shaw, of Church Lane, Accrington, was given a 14-month sentence suspended for 12 months with 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours unpaid work
  • Tommy Speight, of Union Road, Oswaldtwistle, was given an 18-month sentence suspended for 18 months with 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 200 hours unpaid work
  • Levi Ashworth, of Belfield Road, Accrington, was given a 12-month sentence suspended for 12 months with 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours unpaid work
  • Ebaney Shaw, of Lower Barnes Street, Clayton-le-Moors, was given a 12-month community order with 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 80 hours unpaid work
  • Sam Ashworth, of Alexandra Close, Clayton-le-Moors, was given a 12-month sentence suspended for 12 months with 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours unpaid work