A store says that objects found in a shopping bags were not poo but dried cardboard.

Phill Smith, of Blackburn, said he ordered the shopping from the Iceland food store online last Tuesday (November 21) and as he went to the kitchen to unload the carrier bags, a 'large amount of faeces fell out one of the bags'.

However, Iceland have since said an inspection had found the objects were not poo but dried cardboard which had turned into mulch.

They said the customer had not been fully refunded and the store had also apologised.

Phill said he did not want compensation and had only asked for a refund.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph at the time (Thursday November 23) he said: “I had been away for a month and needed some shopping so ordered online.

“I normally go to Asda but this time round opted for Iceland. I have ordered from there before so thought nothing of it.

“The bags arrived and they were dropped off in the hallway. I then took them to the kitchen and started taking things out.

“Then all this poo fell out and I was totally shocked. I thought what on earth is this?

“I am quite squeamish as it is and this was disgusting and sickening.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Phill, 59, says he rang Iceland almost immediately and asked them to collect the bags.

“I just did not want them in the house.

Phill said he did not want compensation but just some acknowledgement after spending £148.10 on the shopping.

Phill who does not have any pets of his own said any compensation or vouchers would be donated to an animal charity.

He said he was only contacted on Saturday and was finally offered a refund.

He said: “The reason I am speaking out is because over the past few days they have just been flippant with me.

“I just want a refund and am not interested in compensation. If I am offered anything it will go to an animal charity."

A driver returned to pick up the shopping bags which Phill had left back in the hallway just before 9pm on the same day.

He added: “I contacted Blackburn with Darwen Council and I have to say they were really good and the health inspector turned up within 15 minutes and took down all my details.

“They said they would be visiting the Iceland store.”

Blackburn with Darwen Council confirmed that a complaint was made to the Environmental Health team but referred to Hyndburn Council as the store was Hyndburn-based.

Hyndburn Council said they have not received a complaint and therefore ‘no investigation was taking place’.

Iceland were contacted for comment on Thursday (November 23) and confirmed an investigation was under way. 

Iceland provided an updated statement on December 7.

A spokesperson for Iceland said: “This customer complaint was thoroughly investigated both by Iceland Foods and by the Environmental Health department of the relevant local authority.

“The local authority has confirmed that the material our customer complained about was simply cardboard that had turned to mulch when wet and then dried out.

“This cardboard was in contact with a carrier bag rather than the food it contained, and there was absolutely no question of food safety being compromised in any way. Iceland has already apologised to Mr Smith for the upset caused by this misunderstanding and refunded the cost of his shopping.”

This article was updated on December 8.