Blackburn Labour MP Kate Hollern has condemned Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Autumn economic statement as a 'missed opportunity to tackle the challenges faced by ordinary people'.

However, her Hyndburn Conservative counterpart Sara Britcliffe has praised it for 'bold measures' to help families and workers.

In his statement earlier today, Mr Hunt outlined measures including cutting the main rate of National Insurance from 12 per cent to 10 from January 6, increasing the legal minimum wage from £10.42 to £11.44 an hour from April, and extending it to apply to 21 and 22-year-old workers for the first time.

He also increased Universal Credit and other working-age benefits in England and Wales by 6.7 per cent and boosted State pension payments by 8.5 per cent, both from April.

Mr Hunt froze all alcohol duty until 1 August next year.

Mrs Hollern said: “After 13 years of economic failure under the Conservatives, my constituents are worse off.

"Prices are still rising in the shops, energy bills are up, and mortgage payments are soaring.

"The Autumn Statement contained nothing to address public sector funding.

"There are record-high NHS waiting lists, but no extra funding. Councils are collapsing, but no extra funding.

"Ultimately, the lack of support means that our public services are set to remain in crisis.

"The Chancellor missed a vital opportunity to deliver the real change that so many of my constituents desperately need.

"[This] Autumn Statement demonstrates this government’s failure to understand the scale of the challenge faced by millions across the country.”

Hyndburn's Miss Britcliffe said: "The Chancellor announced bold measures to help working people and manufacturers, which will benefit families in my constituency.

"Saving the average worker £450 through cutting national insurance, while also cutting and simplifying it for the self-employed, will benefit tens of thousands of people across Hyndburn.

"I was also pleased to see the chancellor backing business, by ensuring investment in new machinery will be incentivised and freezing alcohol duty for pubs."

Burnley Conservative MP, Antony Higginbotham, said: "This Autumn Statement has brought a package of measures that will boost investment, cut taxes and support people back into work.

"From national insurance and alcohol duties, to investment allowances and help for the self employed - this makes clear which political party is on the side of those who work hard."