Work has officially started on the sequel to a hit Netflix film, which is based on the life of a Burnley businessman.

Bank of Dave, released on the streaming site earlier this year, was filmed in Burnley and other parts of East Lancashire.

It is based on the life of businessman Dave Fishwick, who began his career selling minibuses in his home town.

David Seaton, who worked on Tom Cruise film Mission Impossible among other Hollywood movies, has been in Burnley this month looking for areas where filming can take place for the sequel.

Dave Fishwick said the location manager “loves Burnley” and agreed that it would be a great place to film a new Mission Impossible film.

Dave said: “David Seaton loves Burnley, he is the location manager for Tom Cruise.

"I have said Burnley would make a great location for the next Mission Impossible film and David agreed.

“There are very exciting times ahead! I would love us to help put Lancashire on the map for Hollywood movies.”

Filming for Bank of Dave 2 is set to commence early in 2024.

The first movie stars Joel Fry, Phoebe Dynevor, Rory Kinnear (as Dave), Hugh Bonneville, Paul Kaye, and Jo Hartley, and tells the (almost true) story of how the Burnley native took on the big banks and won.

Following its huge success, ranking in the Netflix top 10s for 22 days in the United Kingdom and 19 days in the Irish top 10s, Netflix have now confirmed they will be making a sequel.

The new movie is set to be produced by Tempo Productions and Future Artists and will see the return of the director with Chris Foggin.

Dave said the Bank of Dave sequel will focus on his work with the pay day loan companies and will closely follow the work he did in the Channel 4 series, Dave: Loan Ranger.

In a short synopsis, Netflix said: “This sequel to Bank of Dave sees Dave Fishwick taking on a new and more dangerous adversary: The Payday Lenders.”

Netflix UK is currently featuring the original documentary series on Dave Fishwick too, which aired in 2012. All three episodes were added to Netflix on March 24.