A dedicated filmmaker, writer, and actor is preparing to premiere his debut short film to local cinema audiences.

Neil Davies, of Fleetwood, collaborated with producer Steve Pennington to craft a unique short film titled 'TOM' which was filmed in the heart of the fishing town, Fleetwood memorial park.

TOM is inspired by the life of an ex soldier whose memorial bench sparked the premise of the story. The short film follows a young woman’s chance encounters with an elderly man that reveals surprising truths about life, love and connections with twists along the way.

Neil and Steve have been working tirelessly on the film this year and are excited to share their local film with audiences.

Sharing his enthusiasm for the upcoming screening on Friday, November 24, writer, director and actor Neil Davies said: “We’re excited to share this. The story also stems from a TV show I used to watch when I was younger called The Ghost & Mrs Muir. I really loved that show and it stuck in my head for a long time so there’s some inspiration from that.

“It’s the first short film I’ve done and it was quite tough to write something that is only ten minutes long. There’s no time for back story and you only have the essentials to work with.”

Despite the time and budget constraints Neil says TOM allowed his creativity to shine. He said: “It’s a film that’s mainly dialogue to tell the story, set on just on just one bench, with little movement.

“It’s a low budget, independent film but it definitely pushed me more as a writer and actor because we couldn’t just rely on special effects.

“Our producer Steve managed to get a ration book off eBay as one of the props which is genuinely impressive so, even with a low budget, it shows what you can achieve with a good crew and hard work.”

The film will premiere at Cleveleys Working Mens Club at 6.30pm on Friday, November 24.