An Accrington woman who appeared on Married at First Sight this year has written a heartfelt message after the series finale.

Samantha Howard, better known as Jay, married Essex salesman, Luke Worley, on the Channel 4 show, where strangers get married after being paired together based on scientific and sociological factors.

The couple left the show early after Luke got into an altercation with another co-star.

Despite leaving the show as a seemingly strong couple, and garnering a loyal fanbase from viewers, the couple revealed the relationship later broke down due to communication issues.

On the final episode of the show, Luke said: “We left really strong and we had a nice time together. I met her mum which I was really nervous about.

“For me the turning point was when Jay went back to work.

“She sent me a text saying I wasn’t showing her enough affection.”

Jay said: “I asked him if he saw a future with me and he kept skirting around the question.

"He said it would be best if we were just friends. I put a lot into this.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Jay Howard on Married at First SightJay Howard on Married at First Sight (Image: Channel 4)

The 31-year-old opened up about her experience on the show in a heartfelt Instagram post, describing her relationship with Luke as “one of a kind”.

Jay, a sales manager, also said the experience has taught her to be vulnerable and “love herself”.

She said: “Emotions were very high, we’ve both said things in the heat of the moment but ultimately our journey together has been one of a kind.

"I will never forget everything you have done for me during the experiment and the bond we created together was truly special.

“Thank you Married at First Sight for teaching me the lesson of how to be vulnerable and love myself, I’ll be forever grateful that you gave me the opportunity to find love and have a life changing experience.

“It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t ever have wanted to do it with anybody else… so thank you Luke for being on this journey with me, together as a team!

“To all my Married At First Sight family, what an unbelievably incredible group of individuals - we’ve all been through this experience together and will have this bond for life.

“Thank you to the viewers, the supporters of the show and the 160,000 people (and counting) that have chosen to follow and support me on here - this will never feel normal to me, but I am so grateful for you all coming along on this ride with me and here’s to whatever comes next.

“What an experience.”