An East Lancashire council is to debate an emergency motion calling for immediate ceasefire between Israel defence forces and Hamas.

Councillors at Pendle Borough Council will hold the meeting on Monday, November 27, at Nelson Town Hall as the conflict in Gaza continues.

The motion has been drafted by Labour leader of the council, Cllr Asjad Mahmood and his deputy, Cllr Mohammed Hanif who is set to second the motion.

The Labour Party's official stance on the issue, as laid out by leader Keir Starmer, is calling for humanitarian pauses to allow aid into Gaza and the release of hostages, as opposed to a ceasefire, a stance shared by the Conservative government.

Last week, several Labour shadow ministers resigned to back an SNP motion calling for ceasefire in the House of Commons, a vote which Labour MPs were ordered to abstain from.

Hostilities between Israel and Hamas erupted after Hamas militants carried out a terrorist attack on October 7, in which hundreds of innocent Israelis were killed, injured or taken hostage.

Since then Israel has bombarded Gaza, in what it says have been targeted attacks on Hamas bases, however thousands of innocent Palestinians, many of whom are children, have been killed in the blasts.

Israel has since moved ground forces into Gaza. Meanwhile, there is a major humanitarian crisis ongoing in the Palestinian enclave.

Cllr Mahmood claimed: “It is the case that the people of Palestine have been occupied in their own lands for more than 75 years.

"This occupation has been declared illegal under international law but successive Israeli governments have chosen to flout international laws and occupy Palestine.

"What we all witnessed happening on October 7 and the last six weeks is heart-breaking.

"The loss of innocent lives is a tragedy. I have lobbied on a national level for our government to lead calls for a ceasefire, but it appears the international leaders of some governments are allowing killing of innocent adults and children to continue.

"My motion to council reiterates cross party calls for an immediate ceasefire and I hope other councils across the country follow our lead to put pressure on our government to stop any more killings - too many have died already."

Deputy leader of the Labour group, Cllr Mohammed Hanif, added: “I condemn the outrageous attack by Hamas on October 7, where more than 1,200 innocent civilians were killed.

"However, the actions of the Israeli government and military backed by our prime minister are disproportionate with more than 12,000 Palestinians killed and millions displaced from their homes.

"What is wrong is the indiscriminate killings by the Israeli bombs of over 5,000 children who have had their innocent lives cut short.

"I and my colleagues demand that our government calls for an immediate ceasefire and along with others bring both parties around the table to talk and agree on a two state solution for Palestine."