East Lancashire dairy brand Ann Forshaw's has launched four new flavours of Greek style yoghurt only available in one convenience retailer.

The new yoghurts are now available in Spar stores across the north of England, with flavours including fat-free Madagascan Vanilla, Honey, Strawberry, and low-fat Sicilian Lemon.

Ann Forshaw, managing director of the Longridge firm, said: “I am delighted with the new varieties of Greek style yoghurts, and I think they are superb additions to our existing range.

“I am particularly pleased with the texture of the low fat and fat free versions.

"Because of the freshness and the quality of the milk we use at Alston Dairy, we have a high-quality base product, and even with the cream taken out the consistency of the yoghurt still feels like a luxurious treat when you taste it.”

Ann Forshaw's and its associated Alston Dairy were purchased by the James Hall Group of Companies in December 2022, which serves a network of independent Spar retailers and company-owned stores as the primary wholesaler to Spar throughout the North of England.

Ann Forshaw added: “We have consistently innovated and explored new flavours and styles of yogurt down the years, and Spar customers have always loved them.

"We are very confident these new Greek style yogurts will be equally enjoyed, and I am proud to put my name to them.”