An Accrington woman has described the fear she felt when men appearing to be scrap collectors stole bikes from her back garden.

A CCTV video shows a scrap truck being driven down an alleyway between the backs of two sets of houses with two of the workers perched precariously on top of the pile of metal.

One then picks up a pair of what appears to be bolt cutters and uses the height of the lorry to climb down into one of the gardens.

After around a minute, three bikes are lifted out of the garden and onto the back of the truck before it drives away.

The incident happened at around 9.30am on Wednesday, November 15 in Spencer Street, Accrington.

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The woman, who did not wish to be named, said they had got the registration number for the vehicle and found they were not licensed to be collecting scrap metal.

She said: “I’d gone out to put the rubbish out and the back gate was wide open and all three bikes were gone. I rung the police straight away and told them what happened.

Lancashire Telegraph: The workers arrived at the scene balancing precariously on the top of their truckThe workers arrived at the scene balancing precariously on the top of their truck (Image: Submission)

“A few people said they’ve been around a few streets around here.

“I couldn’t watch the video. I watched as far as him taking out the bolt cutters. I couldn’t watch after that.

“It’s not even the bikes, it’s the fact they’ve come into our home with bolt cutters. The kids could have been at home. You don’t know what could have happened.”

Lancashire Police have been approached for comment.