A group are planning to take part in one of the craziest charity challenges ever concocted.

Ethan Dean, Rhys Lewis, Connor Kennedy, Kieran Bradshaw, Jake Higham, and Jacob Smith are hoping to raise funds for Nightsafe, the charity which supports the homeless by completing their ‘10 up, 10 down, and 10 rounds’ trek.

They will set off during the morning of Saturday, December 23, and march the 1,740ft up to Darwen Tower, now known as Jubilee Tower.

On the return they will stop off at for a pint at the Sunnyhurst Pub. 

The team intend to repeat this 10 times and by the end of the day would have conquered a staggering 17,000 feet…if they are, well, still on their feet.

Ethan said it started off a joke and things just ‘snowballed’.

He said: “A lot of people are saying it is a crazy idea and cannot be done.

“We are all quite active and think we should be able to complete it in good time.

“I live near to the Tower, so I am regularly making the trip.

“I think if we start around 10am on the day we should be able to complete it before it gets dark.

“As anyone knows you don’t want to be stuck up there when it gets dark, especially after a few pints!”

Lancashire Telegraph:

The group, who hail from Darwen, Blackburn, Rishton and Oswaldtwistle, said they would be paying for their own pints but are open to anyone wanting to sponsor them.

Ethan said they were inspired Russell Cook - aka the Hardest Geezer on Twitter and Instagram - who currently on a mission to become the first person to run the entire length of Africa - and Sheffield’s Jon May who drank 2,000 pints in 200 days.

Ethan said: “We thought it would be a good idea to combine the two challenges.

“Word is certainly getting round.

“We have a lot of support already and we have people wanting to take part in part of the challenge.

“We have thought about fancy dress but have not come up with anything as yet.”

He added: “We chose Nightsafe as Christmas is a period of joy and togetherness. 

"But for Blackburn's homeless, it's the bleakest stretch. As the temperature plunge, they desperately need shelter and warmth.”

You can donate to their cause by visiting the 10 Up 10 Down 10 Rounds page on JustGiving.