Two men were caught with an estimated £12,000 in cannabis after police stopped their cars and raided their homes.

Preston Crown Court heard how Ismail Hussain was clocked by police in Accrington in July 2020 driving a black Seat vehicle.

Officers carried out checks and found that while Hussain was insured on the car, it was actually registered in the name of a man called Mohammed Ahmed.

Prosecuting, David Clarke said officers observed the car coming to a stop on Hargreaves Street and witnessed what they believed to be a drugs transaction being carried out between the driver of the vehicle, Hussain, and a member of the public.

Mr Clarke told the court: “The police detained both Hussain and the pedestrian, who told the officers that he had just bought drugs from Hussain.

“Sixty pounds in cash was seized from Hussain and 11 wraps of cannabis, as well as unused snap bags, and he was arrested.”

Mr Clarke said that enquiries were made about the owner of the vehicle, the second defendant, Ahmed, and police went to his address where they saw two Vauxhall Astras parked outside.

In one of the vehicles a large quantity of bulk cannabis was found in smaller denominations as well as £790 in cash and empty snap bags.

Ahmed’s fingerprints were also found on the bags the drugs were being stored in.

Mr Clarke continued: “Hussain’s home was also searched and £1,500 in cash recovered from the attic as well as a knuckle duster.”

Mr Clarke said the 11 wraps of cannabis recovered from Hussain weighed 11.9g and were worth around £145.

The more significant quantities recovered from Ahmed’s Astra were found in three packages, in which smaller snap bags were found.

Ten of those snap bags contained 522g of cannabis worth around £5,220.

Four of the snap bags contained 218g of cannabis worth an estimated £2,180.

Twelve snap bags contained 326g of cannabis worth approximately £3,260.

While a further 140g of cannabis worth £975 was also recovered.

The total value of all the cannabis seized was estimated by the police to be worth around £12,000.

Mr Clarke went on: “A Samsung mobile phone found in Mr Hussain’s car contained messages indicative of drug dealing, with people requesting ‘10s’ or ‘20s’.”

Ahmed, 28, of Frederick Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cannabis. He has a short criminal record with one old conviction for drink driving.

Hussain, also 28, of Stephenson Street, Accrington, has a nine-year-old conviction for an unrelated offence.

Both defence barristers asked for suspended sentences for their clients citing their guilty pleas and the passage of time as good mitigation and stating each man could be managed easily in the community.

Both Ahmed and Hussain received 12 months in prison suspended for 15 months and were ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work each.