A short drive from Lancashire, the Lake District is known for its walking trails, scenic views and natural beauty but for some people, visiting locations such as Lake Windermere has been disappointing.

The lake is England’s biggest at more than 10 miles in length and during the summer, you’ll see locals and visitors taking part in a variety of activities including boat trips, fishing, sailing and scuba diving.

While Lake Windermere seems to be very popular with visitors, one urges others to “avoid” the area altogether.

The visitor posted their review of the Lake District attraction to Tripadvisor, first of all complimenting its beauty before slamming it for the “smelly funfair”, “overpriced food and drink” and “filthy” toilets.

Lancashire Telegraph: One reviewer shared their experience of visiting Lake Windermere to Tripadvisor, urging others to avoid the areaOne reviewer shared their experience of visiting Lake Windermere to Tripadvisor, urging others to avoid the area (Image: Tripadvisor)

They said: “This is an extremely beautiful part of the country completely and utterly ruined by profiteering. I appreciate the need for business to recoup losses due to Covid but fleecing people is not acceptable.

“All we wanted was a quiet walk. Instead we had a smelly funfair, overpriced food and drink which was difficult to even get due to most places being closed, accepting limited customers or closing early due to staffing shortages and they even wanted to charge for toilets, which were filthy.

“If we could have left early we would have, but we're unable to change our train tickets. I'm used to tourist areas and the busyness etc but this is completely on another level.

“Absolutely nothing to do in the rain (and we were prepared for poor weather). 4G coverage is patchy, which isn't great for patient but bored teenagers.


Lancashire Telegraph: Other visitors shared nothing but praise about the lakeOther visitors shared nothing but praise about the lake (Image: Tripadvisor)

"Scenery out of this world" "Beautiful just beautiful"

While some reviewers have had a less than positive experience, others have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Lake Windermere.

One reviewer said: “Visited on a beautiful day and the only word I can use to describe this place is awesome. Scenery out of this world. Living in a busy town, it was just the tonic to spend a weekend away visiting relatives in this neck of the woods.”

Another praised the lake and its surrounding area, writing: “5/5 where can you go wrong. Absolutely beautifully Stunning views. Little side streets with hidden little gem restaurants and coffee shops. Beautiful just beautiful.”