With Storm Debi to start us off, followed by grey skies and rain, this week’s weather has been, to put it mildly, a bit rubbish.

So you’d hope the weekend would bring some respite, a bit of dry weather, maybe a glimpse of the sun, to make the most of the time off?

Well, this is Lancashire in late autumn, so sorry. Hard luck. No chance. It’s going to be wet, grey, and even a bit wild.

This is the weekend’s weather forecast for Blackburn, courtesy of the Met Office.

Saturday, November 18 – Heavy rain looks set to greet us as we wake up on Saturday morning, and there’s a fair chance the whole day will be rainy, so kiss goodbye to any outdoorsy-plans you had unless you don’t mind being soaked.

Not only is it wet, but the wind is also set to pick up too. A constant wind of between 14 and 16mph through the day will keep things blustery, with gusts of up to 35mph. Oh joy.

But it’s not all bad news. Temperatures are still in the low teens, topping out at 13 degrees Celsius in mid-afternoon, however when the wind is factored in this will feel more like 10 degrees.

Sunday, November 19 – You guessed it, more rain. Heavy showers pretty much all day, to be precise.

Not only that, but it’s going to be even windier, with average winds at 18mph and gusts of up to 36mph, it’s truly ‘hold on to your hats’ conditions. The wind will also make it feel chillier, with temperatures at 11 degrees but feeling more like eight degrees.

Forget going outside, wrapping up with a bottomless pot of tea in front of the TV sounds like a better option this weekend.

If you do venture out, we’d recommend a pub with a roaring warm fire, or one of these top spots for a Sunday roast.

Or maybe you can take this opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping in the Mall.

There's also the option of a  trip to the cinema perhaps, or a nosy around the various indoor cultural sites our area has to offer.

But if you ask us, this is one of those weekends best spent indoors, keeping cosy, or if you're a bit of a restless soul, getting some of those jobs you've been putting off around the house done.