Two people have been arrested after a Ford Transit van was stolen and another vehicle was damaged in Colne.

The arrests follow a spate of van thefts in East Lancashire, which police say might be linked.  The van was stolen last night (Tuesday November 14) and spotted at around 11.25pm on Cotton Tree Lane. 

Police later attended the address the van was registered to, on Castle Road, where they found the suspects had also damaged another vehicle. 

The owners hadn’t realised any crime had taken place nor noticed the theft and thanked officers for returning the van.

A man, aged 38 and from Bradford, was arrested on Cotton Tree Lane on suspicion of theft of a vehicle, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance, in relation to the incident last night. He was also arrested on suspicion of theft of a vehicle in relation to an incident on August 28.

Another vehicle, believed to be connected to the theft in Colne, was stopped a short time later in Huddersfield and a man, aged 34 and from Bradford, was arrested on suspicion of theft of a vehicle.

Both men remain in custody.

A police spokesperson said: “We hope this sends a message that we will not stand for this type of crime, which targets hard-working members of the public. 

"We would urge anybody with information about vehicle crime to report it to us, either by calling 101 or reporting it online at”