Lifesaving equipment which can be used in case of serious injuries has been installed in Burnley town centre.

The 'lifesaver knife saver bleed kit' could help reduce blood loss before paramedics arrive and also contains instructions on how to use it. 

The Lancashire Violence Reduction Network is working with Cash for Kids and Know Knife Crime to install 14 of these cabinets across the county.  

Chief Inspector Dave Oldfield, Lancashire Violence Reduction Network said: “Having publicly accessible bleed control kits available 24/7 can help save a life by minimising blood loss until professional medical help arrives. The aim is to pack or wrap a wound to buy the individual more time.” 

“Hopefully the cabinets across the county will never need to be used, but we’re pleased to have worked with Cash for Kids to make them available to anyone who finds themselves in a position where they can help someone who may be suffering from major blood loss.” 

Members of the public can access the cabinets by ringing 999 where the emergency services will then provide them with an access code.  
Nikki Thompson, from Cash for Kids Head of Granting added: “Cash for Kids are proud to support this project to provide potentially lifesaving equipment across Lancashire.

"We are pleased to be working in partnership with like-minded professionals who want to make a difference to their local communities and the young people that live there.”  
Youth Anti Knife Crime Campaigner, Laura Hughes,  said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Lancashire Violence Reduction Network as part of the North West Cash for Kids and Knife Saver youth anti knife crime campaign.

“Our campaign objective is to have Knife Saver kits and cabinets in locations up and down the country, where young people socialise we want to see a kit or cabinet. 

"We want to make communities safer for everyone and for members of the public to be educated on what to do should they be faced with an emergency situation where someone is bleeding.” 

A free KnifeSavers app, which gives people advice on how to stop bleeding after a stabbing is available to download on all devices. Search for ‘knifesavers’ on the App Store or Google Play.