A man who was on prison licence for a previous offence of burglary committed an "untidy” raid on a Colne hair salon.

Blackburn magistrates heard Dion Lucas was linked to the offence by blood left at the scene.

Lucas, 31, of Lancaster Street, Colne, pleaded guilty to burglary at Hair Studio in Albert Road, and theft of hair styling and cutting equipment and petty cash to the value of £1,304.

He was committed in custody to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on December 22.

District Judge Richard Thompson said within three weeks of being released from prison Lucas had committed another burglary.

“In my view you deserve a penalty that is in excess of this court’s powers,” he said.

Nicola Mills, prosecuting, said Lucas had been involved in an “untidy” burglary at the premises where damage had been caused.

She said Lucas had been sentenced to 40 weeks in prison for a non-dwelling burglary and had been released just three weeks before the latest offence.

Gareth Price, mitigating, said he accepted the offence was aggravated by his client’s previous record for burglary offences and the fact he was subject to post sentence supervision.

“He is looking to try and find some way to break the cycle,” said Mr Price. “He goes to prison, comes out in challenging circumstances and is recalled.”