A new bakery, that specialises in treats for your four-legged friends, is preparing to open its doors in Padiham.

Millie & Ruby's Dog Bakery is currently set to open on Burnley Road, on December 2.

The bakery makes natural and handmade dog treats, free from “added nasties that the supermarket treats have”.

One of the business’ best sellers are dog birthday cakes, which are bespoke and handmade to suit individual requirements. They make and send them all over the country.

The bakery also sells ‘human’ biscuits for the owners to enjoy.

Lancashire Telegraph: Millie & Ruby's Dog BakeryMillie & Ruby's Dog Bakery (Image: Millie & Ruby's Dog Bakery)

Diane Murphy, from Sabden, said she is excited for the shop to open, especially after her previous site in Great Harwood was forced to close following a fire in 2018.

The 49-year-old said: “My previous shop in Great Harwood suffered a fire in 2018 due to the smart meter being incorrectly fitted.

“We had only been open 18 months and were growing rapidly. I was gutted all my work had gone up in smoke at the hands of someone else.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Millie & Ruby's Dog Bakery in PadihamMillie & Ruby's Dog Bakery in Padiham (Image: Millie & Ruby's Dog Bakery)

After the fire, Diane set up a unit in Accrington and ran the business online but was always asked by customers if she planned on setting up another shop they could visit.

She said: “As soon as I could, after covid, I set myself up in a unit in Accrington and ran the business online.

“My customers kept asking me if I had a shop they could visit. I had no plans to open another shop but Burnley Council approached me and asked if I’d be interested in this particular property.

"I decided to give it a go again and here we are.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Diane Murphy, owner of Millie & Ruby's Dog BakeryDiane Murphy, owner of Millie & Ruby's Dog Bakery (Image: NQ)“Our unit in Accrington has allowed us to build the business back up after the fire and set up a larger commercial unit where we can bake everything from.”

Diane is excited for pet lovers across Padiham and beyond to pay a visit, with treats stocked to suit dogs of all ages and sizes.

She said: “To my knowledge there are no other bakeries like mine, that make the treats and sell them in their own shop, in the area.

“I’m very excited to be selling to the public directly again and hoping to make this the first of many shops around the north west.”