A primary school where children “value their learning” and “feel safe” has retained its Good rating from Ofsted.

Moor End Primary School in White Ash Lane, Oswaldtwistle, was visited by inspectors on October 3 and retained the same grade it got during a short inspection in January 2018 and its last full inspection in May 2013.

Inspectors described the school as “friendly and welcoming” and praised the school for the ambitious curriculum it has designed.

The report said: “The school is ambitious for all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Pupils are keen to earn tokens for trying their best. Most pupils behave well in lessons.

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“Pupils enjoy the responsibilities they can take on in school. For example, pupils look forward to being interviewed by staff for key roles on the school or sports councils.

"Older pupils particularly like being buddies to younger children. For instance, they support younger children during school trips and help them with their reading.

“The school provides a wide range of experiences for pupils, including school trips and visits to enhance their learning of the curriculum. Pupils delight in the variety of places they have visited, such as places of natural beauty, the beach, and residential trips.”

Among the other aspects of the school praised by inspectors were the phonics programme, support given to pupils who find reading difficult, and the support given to pupils with SEND.

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Parents also felt communication was a strength for the school and it was committed to supporting the whole family when needed.

Commenting on areas where the school needs to improve, the report said: “The school has not ensured that some staff are sufficiently trained to deliver aspects of the reading curriculum consistently well.

"This means that a small number of pupils do not learn to read fluently as quickly as they could.

“The school has not ensured that some pupils experience a wide enough range of activities alongside the academic curriculum. As a result, some pupils do not have enough opportunities to develop their talents and interests.

“Some staff to not apply the school’s behaviour policy consistently well during social times. As a result, some pupils move around school without due consideration for the welfare of their peers.”

The school received Good grades in all areas, giving it the same result overall.