Plans have been submitted to build six holiday lodges on the outskirts of a Ribble Valley village.

Mr L Sunter is looking to build the mix of one, two, and three-bed lodges on land adjacent to Rush Paddock Farm on Osbaldeston Lane, near Osbaldeston.

The lodges will be “modest in scale” so as to avoid disrupting the landscape and will be designed to reflect the appearance of other structures within the area.

A planning statement submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council said: “The proposals seek to erect six holiday lodges on the site, with access via the existing, surfaced track leading from Osbaldeston Lane.

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“The lodges adopt a similar vernacular and would have a timber clad finish, finished with a dark staining to provide a muted appearance and to reflect the appearance of agricultural structures found in the rural landscape.

“The buildings will have a modest profile and massing, providing commensurate areas of outdoor amenity space and parking for each unit.”

The application site lies around 400m from the boundary settlement of Osbaldeston and within the open countryside. There is a collection of buildings already in the immediate area.

The statement continued: “The eastern and southern boundaries of the site are currently defined by stock fencing, with an existing field gate located in the former. New northern and western boundaries would be formed as part of the scheme.

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“The site lies in Flood Zone 1 and is therefore at low risk of flooding. There are no known protected trees on site and no heritage assets which would be affected by the development. No other constraints have been identified which would prevent the scheme from being delivered as set out.”

Each unit will come with two dedicated parking spaces, located immediately outside the lodge to avoid landscape impact from parked vehicles.

Anyone wishing to comment on the planning application can do so via the council’s website.