It feels like we are in some weird mirror universe where we are making things up as we go along to help us feel less guilty about death and destruction. 

There is no other way of looking at this.

At the centre of this nonsense is our Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who appears to be living in some sort of bubble, shielded by national news organisations who are waiting with baited breath for her to come up with something even more stupid and dangerous.

She appears to have whipped up a storm of hatred against peaceful protesters, all in the hope that it will help to deflect from the harsh reality we are as a nation complicit in the murdering of women and children.

Unfortunately, nobody dare speak out in case the army of supposed ‘patriots’ turn on them or they are labelled a ‘terrorist sympathiser’.

We are now being encouraged to believe being pro-Palestine goes against the very notion of ‘being British’.

Even worse, those wretched lefties have joined forces with those barbaric Muslims and are stopping people selling poppies. Oh, the sheer thought of it makes me so damn angry.

We made enemies of those calling for peace and encouraged some extreme right-wing elements to come out and defend the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. You couldn’t make this up. Well, you could.

The world watches on and the world does not forget. One must feel for the Ukraine now and Putin must already be preparing to use this as an excuse to continue his butchery.

As I have said in the past, it is not too hard to condemn the killing of people of ALL backgrounds and faiths. Yet, we are finding more and more implausible ways of rewording the murder of children.

Our politicians are tying themselves in knots attempting to justify murder. 

Some say Britain has moved on from its colonial mentality. You know where we think have the moral high ground and attempt to defend the indefensible.

The sad fact is, we have not. Every so often our national newspapers and the ruling powers collude to produce more fabrications we can imagine using selective language to describe one set of atrocities compared to another.

Much like the lead up to the Iraq war, the partnership aims to feed us a stream of lies and exaggerations, so we feel less guilty about our nation’s role in killing people. 

We are now in a situation where it is almost impossible to distinguish between someone calling for a ceasefire and a supposed ‘extremist’.

On the flip side there are people calling for boycotts on Israeli backed brands or accusing people of being of being racist on simple hearsay and rumours.

We have ‘hate’ marches, jihadis on our streets, people choosing to be homeless and a police which gives less attention to ‘lefty woke’ demonstrators.

What’s next?.....Palestine ruining Christmas?