A teen singer from Darwen has won an award, ahead of the launch of his second album.

Cormac Thompson ,14, won the Josie Award in Nashville, Tennessee, for best vocalist aged 13 to 17, at the end of October. The award honours and rewards excellence, outstanding talents of people in the independent music industry.

Cormac said: “When I heard I’d been shortlisted for a Josie Award I just couldn’t believe it.

"Almost 60,000 singers enter every single year and I was one of the youngest in my category.

“To fly to Nashville and be on the same stage as where the likes of Elvis has performed and actually win was just incredible – what an experience!

“I have an amazing fan base who have been so supportive while I’ve adapted to my voice changing.

“I’ve been sharing new videos and they keep asking when there’ll be a second album, asking for there to be a disc version too."

Lancashire Telegraph: Cormac Thompson 'A Borrowed Gift' album coverCormac Thompson 'A Borrowed Gift' album cover (Image: Blackburn with Darwen Council)

He is now preparing to release his second album, A Borrowed Gift, which goes on sale on Friday, November 24.

The new album includes Cormac’s renditions of fan favourite songs, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, Bright Eyes, True Colours and Rule the World with two bonus tracks.

Cormac rose to fame on TV talent show, Britain’s Got Talent. He appeared on the show in 2022. His appearance landed him a recording contract with Decca Records.

His Britain's Got Talent audition teaser video, where he covered Snow Patrol's Run, has received more than one million views on YouTube.

Cormac said: “I was really lucky to enjoy a huge success as a boy treble, being the youngest singer ever to be signed to global record label, Decca.

“It was all very unexpected, coming from recording renditions of my nannie’s favourite songs and sharing them online for her to be able to watch during lockdown back in 2020.

“One day I was at home singing to my Mum and Dad, the next I was live on TV and doing radio interviews about my first album, ‘Hear My Voice’ - it was a complete whirlwind.

“Of course, my voice is changing now and earlier this year, I couldn’t sing at all.

“But, now, the voice that I will have for the rest of my life has appeared and I’m really excited about how it sounds and about this new, second album too.”

Cormac was scouted to attend Prodigy Camp in the USA last summer and it’s there where he started to write his own songs, something he is passionate about. He also plays the piano and guitar.

Ahead of the album release, Cormac’s new single, Free to a New World, is set to be released today (Friday, November 10).

It’s been re-written especially for him by pianist and producer Dominic Ferris, whose  parents, Glo Macari and Roger Ferris, co-wrote and released the song back in 1971 and this is Cormac’s first ‘original’ and one of 14 tracks from the album.

“The title ‘A Borrowed Gift’ is special as it reflects how I always knew my voice would change,” Cormac said. “It truly was a borrowed gift”.

“It’s daunting when you’ve found something you love to do but you know that one day it could end.

“It was fantastic though to get back in the recording studio this summer and be able to record new songs and when I listened back, it was a huge relief to hear how my voice is developing and I can’t wait to share how it sounds on this new album.

“A Borrowed Gift is for everyone who has been there along the way – especially my Mum and Dad who have been incredibly supportive alongside some very generous fans, I couldn’t have done it without them.

“It’s my dream to keep singing, perform on more stages and to record more songs.

“I’m really looking forward to what the future will bring and I’m determined to work hard and make the most of every single opportunity.”

Cormac made it to the finals of the BBC’s Chorister of the Year competition and got a yes from all four of the Britain’s Got Talent judges, including Simon Cowell, in the competition last year.

He’s also performed at the London Palladium and the Royal Albert Hall.

Online, he’s enjoying huge success too with a combined 31 million views and streams across his digital channels, including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

You can pre-order the album now at: www.cormacthompson.com

You can buy it as a digital download from Amazon Music and iTunes.