A former bus driver from Rossendale has quit his long-time career to pursue his dream job - looking after cats.

Philip Carter had spent 26 years working in public transport, both as a driver and in maintenance, before deciding to give it all up and pave a new career.

He has started The Cat Butler Rossendale, a service which visits and cares for cats in the comfort of their own home while their owners are away.

While based in Rossendale, Philip will be serving customers in Burnley as well as his home borough, and also branching out to Bolton, Bury, Oldham and Rochdale.

A devout cat-person, Philip said he was inspired to start his business as he knows how hard it can be for owners to leave their pets behind when they go away.

He said: "I got my first cat, Madison, when I was 19, when I moved out of the family home into my own place, and have never been without at least one cat since.

"I understand the guilt of going away and leaving your furry friend behind.

"Catteries are never an option for me as I know cats love the familiarity of home and find any change quite stressful.

“We have four cats at home, they include, Zen, our beautiful all-black girl; she demands to be carried around like a baby, and our tabby, a lovely character, he will make friends with anybody!

"Spock, a black and white, is a timid character which just makes the bond even more special when you gain his trust, and finally, Ellis, our very own mini panther, is the latest addition to our furball family.”

Throughout his time in public transport, Philip tried his hand at other potential careers, but believes his new business is the purr-fect one for him.

He added: "I’ve worked predominantly in the public transport industry for the last 26 years, from fleet maintenance to driving.

"I’ve also always had a passion for property and DIY and have done several property renovations.

"But now it’s time to turn my hand to something different that I know I will love!

“Being able to combine work with my love of cats, which have been such a staple in my life, is simply a dream come true. I feel privileged to have this opportunity.”

The Cat Butler was created in 2015, and has since been franchised to cover more than 50 locations across the UK.