The owners of a bar in Whalley are selling their business as they prepare to depart for pastures new.

Jack and Katie Cookson, business owners of Jack’s of Whalley, have decided to sell up after seven years.

In a statement they said: “After seven years of putting our hearts and souls into this little bar, we are selling up and letting someone else take the reins.

“We have really enjoyed running our bar, and have gained so much valuable experience through it. And we are also lucky enough to have made friends for life here - but it is now time for us to move on and start a new adventure.

“We will be forever grateful to all of our lovely customers for enjoying the bar as we hoped you would, our fun and reliable staff for getting us through the crazy weekends, our neighbouring businesses for always taking in parcels and sharing change bags, and of course our supportive family and friends for putting up with us never being free.

“We'll be around for the next couple of weeks, while the business changes hands. Then we're heading off to do something new and exciting, so watch this space!”

Jack said they have decided to give up the business in order to set up a new life in the Lake District.

He said: “It's very scary to leave a successful business behind to start something new, not knowing for sure whether we'll make it work. But it's the right move for us and you don't know until you try.”

Their exact leaving date has not been confirmed but they are aiming for December 5.

He said: “We have a buyer lined up and the transition should be smooth enough to not need to close at all.

“The new owner wants to keep the ball rolling and make the most of the festive season.”

Jack wants to thank customers for their support.

He said: “We definitely couldn't have done any of this without the support of our family and friends, it's been a proper team effort.

“We will certainly miss running a business in Whalley, the community is really strong and we know almost everyone who walks through our door. We will be forever grateful to our 'regulars.”