The owners of a new cocktail club that opened last week are excited to bring high quality drinks and service to Blackpool. 

Saoko Cocktail Club opened in Clifton Street, Blackpool on Friday, November 3 and offers fun and creative cocktails that offer an “experience and a story” with every sip.

Owners Aitor Garcia and Taff Belkida are from the Canary Islands and are eager to bring a taste of their country's dedication to custotmer service to the Lancashire seaside report.

Lancashire Telegraph: Saoko Cocktail Club interior and drinkSaoko Cocktail Club interior and drink (Image: Facebook)

Aitor said: “We wanted to bring something different to Blackpool. My partner and I are from Gran Canaria which is full of tourism so we’ve been in hospitality most of our life. We might not know how to change a tyre, but we know how to offer good service and we can do this here.

“Our glasses are handmade in Spain and took two months to get them here. All of our cocktails are served in them and each of our ‘Drink the Experience’ cocktails has a story and history behind it so it’s a one of a kind experience.”

One of the creative cocktails is the ‘Mexican Lupita’, made with tequila, grapefruit and cranberry flavours, and represents the vibrant carnival in Mexico.

The Brutal Kraken is inspired by the giant sea monster originating from Scandinavian folklore and is mad with gin, vodka, and watermelon and non carbonated cola to give the “Brutal Kraken strength to terrorise nearby sailors”.

Aitor said: “Since opening, we’ve been really busy. We serve 60 people at a time and it’s been rammed so these next two weeks are important for us to ensure we provide the best service possible.”

In addition to the owners’ commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, the pair are keen to provide support to other local businesses in the area through the council.

Aitor added: “We want to work with the council in the future to see what we can do about training young people in hospitality. Blackpool is a great place for tourists so young workers need to be prepared for the town’s future. We want to bring back Blackpool’s thriving high street and we want to keep our bars open and put Blackpool back on the map.”

Saoko Cocktail Club is open 3.30pm to 2am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 3.30pm to 5pm on Thursday, and 3.30pm to 11pm on Sunday.