A mother of four was found dead after struggling with her mental health and work pressures, an inquest has heard.

Debra Helen Winton, 56, was known to multiple mental health services including Mind Matters and East Lancashire Crisis House.

She was found dead on Tuesday, February 21, in her home at Sutherland Street in Colne, after her daughter Ellie O'Connor was concerned about her welfare.

The inquest at Accrington Town Hall heard she had struggled with depression and anxiety for a number of years, and constantly worried about her finances and employment.

She had various jobs including front of house at hardware store B&Q and Boundary Mill in Colne, but had recently been employed as a carer at a nursing home.

However, this was via an agency, and she experienced low moods as the money was unreliable with no set hours.

Debra was prescribed anti-depressants to deal with her mental health issues, and was also referred to the Lancashire NHS Foundation Trust Home Treatment Team to help with her suicidal thoughts.

She also previously attempted to take her life in 2022 with an overdose, after which she was admitted to Airedale Hospital.

Eldest daughter Rebecca Garity raised concerns of why the Home Treatment Team did not contact the family about their mother's suicidal thoughts around the time of her death.

But registered mental health nurse Jacqueline Ashcroft stated they were a crisis team for urgent mental health patients, and Debra seemed to be doing well and denied her intent to take her life.

She said: "Debra said at the time she did not currently have thoughts to harm herself, and so she was dismissed.

"Although we knew she was struggling, we referred her to other services such as her GP where she could have got more suitable help such as a higher dose of prescriptions.

"I would like to pass on our sincere condolences to the family."

The coroner concluded a medical cause of death as hanging.

Coroner Kate Bisset said: "I am sorry for your loss. It is clear to me there were better times with a large group of family and friends who loved her dearly.

"She was a fun loving and caring lady who sometimes experienced difficulty.

"Although I conclude the cause of death as suicide, I do believe this was due to her mental health illness, and not because she wanted to leave you all."

If you're struggling with your mental health or are in crisis, you can call Samaritans free of charge on 116 123 - they're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.