Proposals to change charging policies for residential care and nursing homes and services like home care and day care centres are set to be considered.

Lancashire County Council's cabinet is set to discuss a new charging blueprint for residential and nursing homes and an updated one for community-based services like day care centres and other home based support when it meets today, Thursday, November 2.

Lancashire County Council is in line with national legislation and other councils, meaning anyone in adult social care like nursing homes, residential care homes, day care, home care or other community based support will take a means test.

The new policy explains the circumstances in which funding could be met, and those in which people could have to contribute to the cost of their care.

However, there will be options for them to choose alternatives and "top up" any shortfall if they go for a more expensive choice than the original offer.

Under national legislation, local authorities must develop and maintain policies which set out charges for adults in residential and nursing homes as well as for those who live in the community with some form of support.

Lancashire County Cllr Graham Gooch, cabinet member for adult social care, said: "Our adult social care services provide essential support to people to help them live healthily and to maximise their own wellbeing and needs, in both residential and non-residential settings.

“Our revised policies for adult social residential and non-residential care charging will mean we can really continue to cater for people's individual needs, enabling high quality adult social care across Lancashire.

"This is significant as it enables us to fully support members of the public who often approach us for support at times of difficulty.

"The updated policies will enable us to continue to deliver individual and tailored adult social care in a range of settings, bringing us fully in line with national, statutory legislation as well as other councils across the country."