Police have taken a firm stance on anti-social behaviour following an investigation into a fire at a historical site.

The incident happened at a Roman Bath House site in Ribchester.

With help from the community, police say they were able to find those responsible.

A spokesperson from Ribble Valley Police said: “The neighbourhood policing team have been working closely with Lancashire County Council, local schools and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS), to ensure there was a robust response with consequences, for the individuals involved.

“We would like to reassure the public that we will take a firm stance on such anti-social behaviour, especially where acts are taken to endanger local historical sites.

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“This site is of vital importance to the history and identity of Ribchester, as we hope they are preserved for a long time to come for the enjoyment of us all.”

They have also advised people to remain vigilant and safe ahead of bonfire and Halloween celebrations.

A spokesperson from Ribble Valley Police said: “As part of our work, we have been attending some local schools with LFRS to educate children, on the dangers of when fire or firework rules are not followed, as well as what is illegal.

“Please report any anti-social behaviour to us on 101, or 999 in emergency.”